Monday, August 30, 2010

Orders shipped, now do I nap?

Woohoo big order is all shipped out and I just got another order for a cupcake beanie! I think I'm also going to make my niece (that's so weird sounding to me lol) one for her 1st birthday.

Now I cant decide if I want to have a cup of coffee and get stuff done around the house....or take a nap. Ethan might be up at any time but I'm exhausted, so I'm thinking nap.

Even though the crafter in me says more coffee!


Or maybe sleep.

My parents came up for a few hours today so I was able to get a few errands done, like going to the grocery store and getting enough (well, almost) groceries for the week!! AND it only took half an hour! If Ethan was there it would of been an hour, minimum lol.

Recipes I'm making so far this week:
(I didint get to a few of these last week, there were substitutions so I'm making them this week)

Tex Mex Cheesesteaks
Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta
Chipotle Orange Pork Tacos
Bowtie Lasagna

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