Friday, August 20, 2010

I think I love Pioneer Woman

So far I've made 2 Pioneer Woman recipes, and both were amaaaaaaazing. I made the sloppy joes pretty much as written but the spaghetti chicken I changed a bit....I needed a quicker version since I didint start it until like 5:30pm lol.

I have a feeling her recipes will be overtaking our house for weeks to come.

Here is the original recipe.

I just sauteed the chicken in a skillet instead of boiled it, then added some onions, garlic and mushrooms to caramelize a bit.

I only had cream of mushroom soup and yellow bellpeppers, and no pimentos.

When I was mixing it all together, I just added maybe 1/2 cup chicken broth instead of a chicken broth/pasta water mix. In fact I just boiled the spaghetti like normal and didint do anything besides salt the water.

I also baked it at 375 for 20 minutes to speed it up and it was perfect.

It's a VERY rich recipe but super good!

Tonight is going to be French Onion Soup and either leftovers or enchiladas tomorrow....and I'm betting there wont be much leftovers lol.

As I'm typing this I just discovered the PW has her recipes in a printable format! And I'm out of printer paper! Arg!

Be right back.

Back, printer is full and all is ok again.

I've been in such a holiday mood lately...mainly for Christmas because we'll have a brand new baby then! I'm going to be so exhausted, but Santa will still be bringing Ethan special presents and my apartment will still be getting decorated! I don't have much in the way of holiday decor (for any holiday) but I'll just have to keep my eyes open at Ross and Dollar Tree to see what I can do.

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