Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just a quick update...

I still haven't found canned pumpkin anywhere! That makes me a sad panda. I have a few recipes I really want to try out....I still have 1 store around here that I haven't checked though lol.

I finished my Etsy order (ships today) and I'm working on some Halloween themed coffee cup cozies (java jammes, coffee sleeves....etc) for my Etsy shop because I wanted to change it up from so many beanies. I'm still working on Ethan's Brobee beanie, but I needed a little break. It's not like he'll wear it anyway lol. My plan for Halloween is to make him this R2D2 costume, but now I'm not so sure since he wont wear hats, at all. I had thought of putting ties on it so he couldn't take it off, but not only would he HATE it, he still probably could take it off.

So we'll see, we still have awhile until Halloween :)

This is terrible, I cant find the charger for my camera battery anywhere!!!! I'm pretty sure I've seen it since we've moved but I have looked EVERYWHERE and cant find it. I probably put it in a "safe place" somewhere :(

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