Sunday, March 3, 2013

Alien Friends

Ethan was playing with ET and the Twi'lek and said they were friends, I thought that was hilarious so I memorialized them in a collage.

I hopefully will have a new pattern up by tomorrow! We are leaving for Disneyland on Tuesday and will be coming back on Saturday. My Etsy shop will be in vacation mode then, but patterns will still be available (with instant download!) on Ravelry and Craftsy. 

My husband is not able to go to Disneyland with us because of work :( so we're going with my parents and my aunt and family. I'm so excited to take the boys! They've been once before in 2011 but Zach was just a baby and I'm not sure if Ethan actually remembers it, or he just remembers from all the times we've watched the videos and looked at the pictures. I'm leaving Craig with like 4 (small) loafs of homemade french bread, some slow cooked pulled pork, and some soup......he'll be set lol. 

I also put up the pattern for the zebra lovey the other day, I forgot to create a post for it! A friend of ours just had their 3rd baby girl so I thought it would be cute :)