Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'll take a vallium mocha latte to go please!

Ethan is (hopefully) down for a nap, he's not crying yet so we'll see! If he is...ahh...I can nap too. I don't know how much longer I can raid (on World of Warcraft), we raid every Friday/Saturday night until about midnight. It's a ton of fun but Ethan wakes up at 6am and I am just to exhausted all day then. We've tried playing with his bedtime so he hopefully wouldn't wake up so early....but nope, it's pretty much between 6am-6:30am every morning.

*remembers the days when he slept until 9*

*also remembers when he stayed up until midnight*

I think I'll take his 6am wake up instead lol.

How awesome are these Star Wars Cookie Cutters?!

If I knew anything about piping royal icing I would consider getting them for future Ethan projects (birthday cookies at school? :) BUT...I have no idea how to do that. I can barely frost a cake. So I'll just have to live vicariously through Flickr pictures.

My little garden is doing great, nothing is dead yet! My African Daisies aren't looking the *best* but I think they need a bigger container, and Ethan kinda fell/smooshed into them so I'll re pot them soon. My pumpkins haven't grown yet but it's only been about a week...and my coneflowers never sprouted. I didn't actually think they would because none of my seeds sprouted last time either. I'm dying to plant my Fairy Eggplant Hybrids but I'm waiting until after we get back from Memorial Day weekend/grandpa's 80th birthday in Laguna. I'm going to have to get some of those Aqua Globes so my plants to get to thirsty, I saw them at either Walmart or Home Depot for $10.

What I'd REALLY like to do is get a mini/cheap/handheld drill at Walmart so I can drill holes in the caps of water bottles and then I can make my own little irregation system! I'll have to see what I can find at the store. I saw at they had one for $20, but I think it was online only.

My aunt mentioned giving me her AeroGarden! I guess she doesn't use it anymore, but that would be awesome! They are way to expensive to buy, but I've always secretly wanted one. My husband says we don't have the room....but I'm the one who cleans/organizes the house, so I'll find the room :)

I'm worried that our new apartment wont get full sun though! Our current apartment has full sun ALL day. It would be very unfortunate if it was complete shade, I don't know what I would do. Also, I'm hoping that the new place will have room for my Topsy Turvey tomato planter! I've had it for like 2 years lol, but I have no place to hang things on our balcony here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Seedlings!

I was very surprised to see these have sprouted! It seems so fast, it was a week or less.

Carpet of Snow, I really could of cared less if this sprouted lol...I just had the starter seeds/pot from Buzzyseeds so I thought what the heck.

A sunflower! Of course it's one of the mammoth ones so if anymore sprout in that container I'll have to transplant them. I also have a dwarf "Sunny Smile" variety that I want to plant, but we might be moving soon so I don't want to plant to much....but we'll see :)

Here's an updated shot of my container garden, don't mind the black bed thing (I cant think of what it's called right now!) It will be moving in our bedroom today. That other big green container in the back is growing Jack Be Little pumpkins! ..hopefully.

I haven't been doing much crocheting but it seems some of the fatigue is passing so maybe I'll try tonight. I did have someone send me a message on Etsy about ordering a few beanies but they haven't replied in 2 days so who knows :)

Ethan has learned to open doors (joy), pretty much say "Elmo" and to grab his shoes when he wants to go for a walk. The only problem is he wants to go for walks all day long lol....the first thing he does at 6am is grab his shoes. I'll take him out later if it's not raining though.

Yesterday I noticed that you can hear a lovely grinding sound from our brakes on our car, so I need to find a way to take it in. It also needs an oil change and to get smogged so there will be big $$$$. My husband just wants me to go take it in....but I'm not waiting around with a 1 year old while they work on it...especially since maybe it would take longer then a day since we need all that done? So we'll have to figure something out.

You MUST try these recipes, I made them for dinner the other night and it was amazing!

Coconut Ginger Rice: I did add the juice of the lime to it and it was even better.
Southwestern Grilled Pork Chops with Peach Salsa: Instead of the chili rub, I used a Grillmates Baja Citrus marinade as a rub, and I bought store bought peach salsa. It was so good though! Ethan didint like it but it might of been to spicy for him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Started my container garden!

Today Ethan and I had a few errands to run and I ended up picking up a couple more plants for my container garden! It's getting kind of big so once I receive my seed packets that's going to be it lol.

I've got sunflowers (mammoth is all I had), jalapenos, Early Girl tomatoes, African Daisies, Celebrity tomato, strawberries, echinacea, rosemary, sweet pepper mohawk, sweet peppers, and mint.

I'm waiting on:

Balloon Flower Astra Mix
Basil Red Rubin
Arizona Rainbow Cactus (hedgehog rainbow I think?)
Coleus in watermelon colors
Eggplant Fairy Tale Hybrid
Pumpkin Lil' Pumpkemon
Sunny Smile Sunflowers

After the shopping today Ethan was hungry so I went to McDonald's and got him a kids meal....all he will eat are the apples and the juice. He doesn't want the burgers or chicken nuggets ever, so I eat that for lunch lol. At least he likes healthy food! As soon as we got home he went down for a nap, I guess shopping is exhausting for's fun for his mama though :)

Things are still looking up for the new apartment, Craig's work just got a fax to verify he works there so she must still be doing paperwork. I seriously hope more then anything we get it! Ethan needs his own room, Craig and I are sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room because Ethan is such a light sleeper.....and it sucks. The only thing I don't like about the new apartments is they seem all squished together and barely have balcony's/decks. These apartments are spaced pretty nicely, but I'm sure I'd get used to it fast! *dreams of having a washer and dryer in the apartment*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's day was great! Ethan of course woke up at 6:30 am, and Craig offered to be up with him so I could sleep in. But I surprisingly wasn't that tired, and Craig had a long stressful week so I just let him sleep in. I did go to sleep when Ethan was down for a nap though!

We went to Chili's for lunch and it's getting crazy taking Ethan to restaurants already. We ordered him the kids quesadilla, cinnamon apples and a milk. He ate only a little bit...all he wanted was Craig's garlic toast lol. Oh, and the Crayons. He loves to eat Crayons.

After lunch we headed to Home Depot to get some plants! I only got a few because it was freezing (it's mid May in California! Why is it cold?!) but I need to go back anyway to get bigger containers for my tomatoes. I ended up getting:

2 different types of tomatoes

I also have some seeds germinating, hopefully they will do alright. Last time when I tried transplanting them I lost a few. So far I've got:

Alyssum Snowcloth (from the $1 Buzzy Seeds at Target lol)

When I REALLY want to get seeds for are mini pumpkins and dwarf sunflowers. Hopefully I can find them in store, I don't want to order them because then I'll end up ordering more then I need to "justify" the shipping LOL. It's "more then I need" because we will be moving sometime this year....hopefully before the baby comes!

Here is the start of my container garden:

For the blanket I was talking about in my last post, I ended up just going for an easier stripey one. Almost like the Seija Set in the Happy Hooker book. The colors will be the same blues and greens, here is an example of a Neapolitan Seija Set I made for my cousin.

I'm not in to huge a rush though since she's not due until September 16th! I have my yarn for my cropped cardi, and I've started to do the gauge swatch, but I've been so tired! During the day I cant crochet when Ethan is awake, and when he sleeps I either take a nap or clean. Or like right now, blog :). At night when he's asleep I'm also ready for bed so hopefully this fatigue lets up soon. The nausea definitely has...I feel so much better then I did. Luckily this time around it wasn't as bad as with Ethan, I was sick 24/7!