Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty Things

I've got quite a few projects in the works at the same time that I need to finish up this week....if Ethan (and the house) lets me!

- An order of 4 Ninja Turtle Beanies that I'm about midway done with
- Brobee beanie that is half done. It's for Ethan but I think I'll start adding those to my Etsy shop too
- A cupcake beanie with a purple top and brown base...I started this before the other beanies just to have a finish hat in my shop!

I cannot wait until I can get the Urban Decay Naked Palette! I am waiting until I have some more money saved up in Paypal....but this palette is just gorgeous. It's exactly what I need....all neutrals! But perfect neutrals :)

I've also heard great things about Sephora's Body Self Tanning Tinted Bronzing Mist. I'm super pale so having some color just makes me look a little bit more "alive" lol.

I'm also super interested in L'Oreal's Lash Boosting Serum, I've heard nothing but good things and I could really use lashes have gotten pretty thin and they seem to be falling out! I'm not sure if it's related to all the pregnancy/breastfeeding hormones or mascara, but I noticed it the other day and was surprised.

Today my husband and I have been married 1 year! We've been together 6 years, engaged 5 years (the wedding itself wasen't a huge priority to us....we were just happy being together) , and now we have 2 kids! It was a rough start living with his mom and then my parents before getting on our feet, but now we have an amazing apartment and a happy little family and I'm able to be a stay at home Mom. I love it. Although after Ethan starts school I will probably go back to work part time just to get out of the house a bit.....if we can afford the daycare lol.

We aren't done having kids I dont think, but we arent even really talking about it until Ethan is in school!

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