Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mall Trip!

I took Ethan to the mall yesterday, and it was so fun! He was really well behaved, by that I mean he would sit in his stroller haha and he seemed to have a good time. We got him a couple of new clothes from the Childrens Place:

Links because I didn't have time to save/upload/crop etc:

Jammer Shorts in charcoal gray $8
Surfing Festival Tee $7.50
and pirate themed footie jammies that I couldn't find on the site $6

I should of gotten a couple of pairs of those jammies while they are on sale! But I have a flat tire right now that needs to get fixed. I had only gone into that store once but never bought anything and I didn't even realize how cheap it was! I was expecting it to be expensive like Gymboree, so now I'm addicted LOL.

I had actually gone in to get him this surfer hoodie, but they didn't have any hoodies in store! :( I haven't decided if I will buy it online yet, he has 1 maybe 2 hoodies that are big enough to last him through summer.

Forever 21 has some amazingly adorable necklaces online right now, which I LOVE because wearing necklaces keeps Ethan occupied when we go out! I actually went in to see if they had this mermaid charm necklace

which of course they didn't, but I did finally get some stud earrings! I never ever get to wear earrings anymore since all I have are dangles and Ethan pulls on those. ouch. So now I can wear them again woohoo!

After awhile he was getting kind of antsy so I let him out to walk with me, he was just pushing the stroller basket with me and looking at all the people. He did keep getting distracted by the mall directory, he loved all the colors lol. The only store he actually tried to go in was Victoria's Secret! I don't blame him, it's colorful and pretty in there. Ethan did get excited when we passed some bras in Motherhood Maternity though haha. On our way out we stopped and got a Orange Pineapple Coconut smoothie to share yum!

There isn't much I'll need for the new baby (unless it's a girl and I'll need a meeelllion cute little outfits because they are so fun) but there are a few things that I didn't have the first time around:

A shopping cart cover. They are expensive for what they are! But I do wish I had one, Ethan biting on the shopping cart is gross, and sometimes the carts are really hot or wet so I always put a blanket down anyway. Plus if I could attach toys in it maybe he would want to stay in the cart instead of walking around!

A video monitor. Yes we are only in an apartment so I don't need a sound monitor, but it would be great to be able to check in on them when they are sleeping to see if all is good. It also would of been a lifesaver when we were sleep training Ethan to see if his fussyness was normal or if it was "Ahhh I'm stuck in the crib slats!". Opening the door ALWAYS wakes or disturbs him so I think a video monitor is a must.

A remote control crib mobile. I had one that you had to wind up and it only lasted 3 minutes, plus it was really boring. I've heard a lot of good things about the Tiny Love Classic Mobile and the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Mobile. This time around we will have more crib time so the baby can get used to it.

Swadding blankets! We never really swaddled Ethan because he seemed to fight it so much....but maybe we were just doing it wrong. I think swaddling will also help with not wanting to be on me 24/7 like Ethan. Not that I didn't love it, but I'll have Ethan to take care of too! :)

I'll also need a double stroller, and a new infant tub (I think ours was missing a piece anyway, it never worked to well).

That's all I can think of for the moment since we still have Ethan's infant seat, Pack n Play (which the baby will sleep in until Ethan is old enough for a toddler bed or the baby outgrows the PnP), and little items.

I have my next doctor appointment on the 28th and I'll be around 17 weeks so hopefully I can schedule my ultrasound then!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Death of a computer.

My computer is slowly dying.

Piece by piece.

It started a few months ago....first, the sound went out. Then my copy of Windows wouldn't authenticate so I couldn't download Windows updates. Then for some reason I have to allow EVERY program that tries to run when my pc starts and any program I try to start up.

Then I couldn't watch my home videos without a huge error in the way, and viewing my pictures doesn't work sometimes.

Now I cant get internet.

Luckily I have Craig's PC but still....mine's pretty new and still under warranty. So we are going to try reformatting and if that doesn't work, well then it's up to Craig since I don't even know where the computer was bought hah.

Tomorrow is my cousin's high school graduation party...and I'm excited because I'm taking Ethan swimming! I have a feeling I'll be in the pool aaaaallll day. This time I'll remember to put more sunscreen on since I still have a slight burn from the beach on Memorial day weekend.

BUT that also means I have to do one of the most dreaded things ever......buy a swimsuit. I had a fine tankini that served it's purpose, but now doesn't fit since I haven't lost all of the baby weight from Ethan yet. So I thought I'd go to Motherhood Maternity and check out there maternity suits since I'll be pregnant all summer and we have a pool at our apartment. I hate wearing swimsuits so this is not going to be fun. But I'm doing it for Ethan so he could have a good time so I have to :P

I joined a "One Tiny Sea Creature" swap on Craftster that I should get started on. I wont say to much just in case my partner reads this....but I am loving the idea for this swap since I can make something tiny and cute in a quick amount of time when Ethan sleeps!

Speaking of which, I need to go get some housework done since he's napping!