Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Halloween Project Ideas

I hear Ethan snoring on the baby monitor lol. Yesterday I took Ethan downtown to the fountains to let him play in them, and we were there an hour! I didn't think he'd play that long and it was 105 degrees out but he was having so much fun splashing and following the other kids around. Then I took him to the mall to check out The Childrens Place for some gifts for his cousin and our friends who are having a baby. The mall took FOREVER because he had to touch everything and he was walking sooooo slooooooow lol. I also wanted to go to Bath and Body Works to check out there Halloween stuff but he was getting to tired/cranky so we left.

I've started to save pictures and ideas for Halloween decor since we don't have any! We'll see if I can actually get around to making any of it, but here are some things on my crafty wishlish:

(These had to be fast and easy so I could do it while Ethan naps)

- No sew felt pumpkin pillows
- Jack o Lantern Pom Poms: Could be cute in a glass jar or strung up as garland. But I'd rather buy already done orange pom poms.
- Vintage Halloween Banner: Or some sort of Halloween bunting
- Big Spooky Ornament: This would be cool just hanging in the living room or something. Needs more glitter!
- Halloween Lanterns: I always see these at Dollar Tree so this could make fun garland too!
- Felt Cat and Pumpkin Wall Hanging
- Jack the Hoop-o-Lantern: I am in LOVE with this! So creative!
- Spiderwebs: While I normally would never ever put any spider related paraphenalia in my house (hey, I even married a professional bug killer) this is such a cool technique that I am tempted to try it out.
- Birdie Witch: How cute would a mobile of these be?
- Boo Footprints: These would be really great Halloween cards.
- Halloween Art: A tutorial on how to paint a Halloween scene! I'd love to try this!
- Printable Skeleton Decoration

Craftster ideas (you might need to sign up to view):

Spooky Feathered Wreath : I already have a "monster wreath" but this one is waaaaaay cooler

I'll keep updating this post as I find new ideas so I have them all organized in one place. As you can see I like cutsey Halloween stuff, no gore allowed here :P

I'm not a fan of carving pumpkins, I HATE cleaning them out years past I usually just glitter or paint them. While glitter is my favorite, I think that would be a bad idea with a 18 month old we probably will just paint a few.

Ethan's awake, I'll finish later!

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