Friday, October 29, 2010

Princess Leia Beanie

Here is the Princess Leia beanie! If I wanted to make it super nice and had tons of time, I would do it all in single crochet....but it's all done in double because I thought I needed it done by Wednesday. To make the buns I just crochet a long line (like a mini scarf), sewed it into a tube and stuffed it with polyfil.

I made these amazing tasting Pumpkin Apple Strudel muffins that I brought into Craig's work. I ended up making them into mini muffins because it would be faster, and I think they are cute that way :)

BUT, I didn't notice Ethan had swiped my bottle of cinnamon from the counter. I thought he was just playing with his toys over there...but nope, it was the cinnamon. This is the aftermath:

This was just in the living room. It was also all over the hallway leading to the kitchen...and you can see some of it on the corner of our leather ottoman. He was covered in cinnamon and had orange feet, but at least our house smells good! I'm in the process of trying to get the orange color out of the carpet though :(

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