Thursday, October 28, 2010

Menu Plan

I LOVE that it's finally feeling cool outside! No more 90 degree heat, woohoo! Last night was the Halloween carnival downtown and we were planning on going, but by the time Craig got home from work there was only a half hour left of it :( I would of just taken Ethan myself, but by the end of the day my back is killing me and I have bad sciatica....yay for pregnancy. Ah well, there is a Halloween celebration at Superfranks on Friday, and on Saturday there is something at the Great we can take Ethan to either of those hopefully.

I also finished my Princess Leia beanie on Tuesday, I'll take some pictures and put them up ASAP. It's FAR from perfect because I was in a hurry (for the carnival lol) so I used double crochet on the bun part, but I really should of used single crochet because you can see some stuffing showing through....and the whole thing is just a tad to big. But I still like it :)

Here was our menu for the week:

Sloppy Joes using plain 'ol manwich because I accidentally opened the can on Sunday instead of the chili can. Oops. Along with corn on the cobb.

Some leftover frozen BBQ beef that I had frozen and thawed. It was just a pulled pork recipe I added some Sweet Baby Ray's to.

Slow Cooker Spinach Pesto Lasagna. SO GOOD! I wasn't sure how lasagna would be in the slow cooker, but it was excellent. I've been trying to do one meatless dish a week to save up some money, and this is perfect...both Craig and Ethan loved it!

Leftover lasagna.

Cinnamon Roasted Chicken with Pumpkin Sage Grits. I've never made this but I've had the recipe for a long time and it looks nice and fall-ish :) I don't think any of us have had grits though!

Slow Cooker Orange Teriyaki Chicken. I'll probably make this early on in the day to much on this weekend. This might change though, I hate to make a big amount of food when I have dinner planned the next day. I might do Rachael Ray's Pumpkin Penne instead, we'll see.

Sunday, Halloween!:
Pumpkin Chili (variations on this recipe)
Cranberry Cornbread
I'll probably make other Halloween themed treats today too :)

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