Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner Review and Updates

Dinner last night was slow cooker chicken cordon bleu, and it was a big hit woohoo! I like when slow cooker things are a hit, it's so easy lol. The only thing I did differently was sprinkle pepper, garlic and rosemary on top of the chicken before I poured the soup on. Craig requested that this goes in our "rotation", and Ethan ate a bunch of it! Ethan also ate a bunch of the broccoli and cheese which surprised me though.

I received a sample in the mail of Quaker's Life Cinnamon Roll Raisin Pecan bar from Walmart, and I just ate the for breakfast (I'm sure I'll have a second breakfast in about 2 hours or so haha) and it was good! I was worried that it was going to be to super sweet, but it was just lightly sweetened and the cinnamon flavor really stood out. Only 150 calories so not bad at all.

I've got the beanie part done of my Leia beanie and I'm about half way through the first bun, that is if the technique I'm doing to create it actually works lol. I've never seen a crochet Leia beanie pattern so I'm just making one up for Halloween. I figure I'll just wear a white tee and some jeans and be done with it....I need comfy since I'll be almost 36 weeks pregnant :P

For the past week I've been wanting to change my polish color to China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y for Halloween, but I'm dreading/procrastinating taking off Zombie Zest....I'm worried since it's a glitter it will take forever, and it's so hard to reach my feet now a days! Maybe we can see if we can squeeze in a pedi somewhere, but who knows....I hate checking the bank to see how the money is going lol.

The Friday before Halloween I'm going to take Ethan into Craig's work in his costume, and I'll probably make some candy corn Halloween bark to bring in since I have a bag of candy corn because I wasen't able to get around to my candy corn wreath. I'm not complaining though, I filled up my crafting time with Etsy orders! :) I LOVE the way candy corn looks, it's so festive....but I just cannot get into the taste. I really wish I could because I enjoy looking at it lol, but I guess it's better for the waist that way!

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