Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cupcake wreath and cupcake beanie!

Here is another custom cupcake beanie! Chocolate cake, lavender frosting and multi colored sprinkles, although it was hard to capture the sprinkle colors in that light.

I'm also working on creating custom wreaths with custom appliques. Here is a cupcake one for my kitchen, but I think a felt cupcake applique would look better! You'd be able to pick the colors and whatever type of applique you'd want (cupcake, hearts, flowers etc). I think it's pretty fun :)

I made this monster wreath back in 2006, and I know it's a terrible picture...but it's Halloween decor! I'll have to see about getting a better picture :) All I did was cut 2 circles out of fun fur, cut slits in it for the eyes....and I hot glued it all together and stuffed it with plastic grocery bags.

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