Saturday, September 25, 2010

RIP Slow Cooker :(

I woke up to the sound of a bunch of mugs and glasses falling out of the shelf when Craig was grabbing a mug....which I knew would happen one day since they were all stacked up. A few broke, I don't care....but they fell onto the lid of my slow cooker and it broke in half!


I use my slow cooker at least once a week, it's my favorite kitchen appliance :(

The crockpot website shows there are no replacement parts for my model, and it looks like my model is an older one anyway, so maybe this is a good excuse to get one that has a timer on it! I always wanted one that I could program and be gone all day, just in case. There has been a few times where the meat was a little dry from being overcooked, so this would be awesome. I'll just wait until Kohls sends me a coupon and do it that way.

To celebrate the first day of fall yesterday, I had some peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee (yum!) and I made Rachel Ray's Apple Chicken Chili, which I ended up botching. Oops. The recipe calls for canned beans, but since I have a TON of dried beans I thought I'd try that, so I soaked them overnight.....but I didn't fully read the directions so I didn't cook them before using them in the chili. So the beans were still kind of hard lol. The flavor of the chili was nice though, it was super mild so next time I think I would use cheddar cheese and add some more spices in....but I was still kinda disappointed in the result.

Ethan and I went to Kohls yesterday just to do some window shopping, and they have some Christmas stuff out already! They have *the* cutest strawberry and coffee cup ornaments that I might go back and pick up today :). Craig is hopefully going to be able to work from home after 9am today, so maybe I can go back by myself and just get a little break to do some browsing. Ahhhh that sounds wonderful.

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