Friday, September 17, 2010

Meal Plans and I love William Sonoma

I hate when I cant go back to sleep after Craig leaves for work, but at least I can do some window shopping online!

Williams Sonoma has some of THE CUTEST stuff. Seriously. Halloween pancake molds? Star Wars cookie cutters? Mugs that have tops so they look like pumpkins?

To bad they can be $$$$ too.

I have quite a few projects that I need to start working on, 1 is a custom order from Etsy, the pumpkin crochet-a-long, and I STILL haven't finished Ethan's Brobee beanie. I've just been so exhausted at the end of the day I am even to tired to crochet!

Tonight for dinner I'm making Honey Mustard Mozzarella Chicken and Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potatoes. Craig is not normally a fan of sweet potatoes but I love them so we can have them every once in awhile :P Ethan is even starting to like them!

I made lasagna earlier this week and we've been having leftovers on that (that's why I heart lasagna), I'll post the recipe once I get it all down....I tend to just throw things in lol. Tomorrow we'll be having  Tex Mex Cheesesteaks again, I cant help it, they are just waaaay to yummy!

Sunday is tacos. We usually just marinate in salsa and some seasonings, but I have a Baja Chipotle marinade that has been wanting to be used, so I think I'll try that. Just top them off with cheese, sour cream, avocados and salsa and it's mmmmmm.

I've been craving the WEIRDEST things this pregnancy. I barely craved anything (but sour things, soymilk and chocolate) with Ethan...but this time around I've been wanting pumpkin. I normally am not the hugest fan of pumpkin, but for some reason anything pumpkin sounds amazing. To bad I cant find canned pumpkin in the stores, so I've been having to make due with pumpkin Pop Tarts and pumpkin butter lol. I was craving chocolate badly over the summer, but luckily that's gone. Now I want red beans and rice, and I've only had it once. Pregnancy is so weird.

Blogger is being all wonky.

I think I'll take Ethan to the Harvest Festival at the fairgrounds today, he'll love to see all the people. It looks pretty cool from the website, and I have a free ticket! Although trying to wrangle him by myself in a crowd does not sound fun lol.

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