Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's day was great! Ethan of course woke up at 6:30 am, and Craig offered to be up with him so I could sleep in. But I surprisingly wasn't that tired, and Craig had a long stressful week so I just let him sleep in. I did go to sleep when Ethan was down for a nap though!

We went to Chili's for lunch and it's getting crazy taking Ethan to restaurants already. We ordered him the kids quesadilla, cinnamon apples and a milk. He ate only a little bit...all he wanted was Craig's garlic toast lol. Oh, and the Crayons. He loves to eat Crayons.

After lunch we headed to Home Depot to get some plants! I only got a few because it was freezing (it's mid May in California! Why is it cold?!) but I need to go back anyway to get bigger containers for my tomatoes. I ended up getting:

2 different types of tomatoes

I also have some seeds germinating, hopefully they will do alright. Last time when I tried transplanting them I lost a few. So far I've got:

Alyssum Snowcloth (from the $1 Buzzy Seeds at Target lol)

When I REALLY want to get seeds for are mini pumpkins and dwarf sunflowers. Hopefully I can find them in store, I don't want to order them because then I'll end up ordering more then I need to "justify" the shipping LOL. It's "more then I need" because we will be moving sometime this year....hopefully before the baby comes!

Here is the start of my container garden:

For the blanket I was talking about in my last post, I ended up just going for an easier stripey one. Almost like the Seija Set in the Happy Hooker book. The colors will be the same blues and greens, here is an example of a Neapolitan Seija Set I made for my cousin.

I'm not in to huge a rush though since she's not due until September 16th! I have my yarn for my cropped cardi, and I've started to do the gauge swatch, but I've been so tired! During the day I cant crochet when Ethan is awake, and when he sleeps I either take a nap or clean. Or like right now, blog :). At night when he's asleep I'm also ready for bed so hopefully this fatigue lets up soon. The nausea definitely has...I feel so much better then I did. Luckily this time around it wasn't as bad as with Ethan, I was sick 24/7!

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