Friday, May 27, 2011

Homemade bread with fried eggs

So here is 2 firsts for me, homemade bread, and fried eggs! Is that weird that I've cooked all kinds of food, yet have never fried an egg?! I made some honey wheat sandwich bread from BudgetBytes last night....and I wanted a slice at breakfast. I was just going to make toast but that sounded so boring, and not filling. That's how I came up with my super unique idea of fried eggs on toast LOL. With some salt, pepper and Frank's Red Hot of course :)

 I didn't really punch the dough down enough, so when I sliced it down the middle, it deflated. Oh well, now I know for next time!

The power was out for a few hours today, so we went and had lunch at McDonald's so Ethan could play on the playground, then we went to the mall for an hour and walked around, and Ethan also got to play at the kids play area there. He sure was tired after that! In fact, I need to go wake him since it's waaaay to late to be napping now :)

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