Monday, July 19, 2010

We're here!

We are finally in our new place! As soon as we finish some more unpacking (and I find my usb cable) I can post a few pictures. It's so HUGE compared to our last apartment, it's amazing. I am not dreading doing dishes now that we have a normal sized dishwasher, and I love that there is a washer and dryer!!! I'd wear my clothes at least 3 times before I washed them *is gross* because it was so expensive.

Ethan is getting used to his new room finally, I think we need to get him some decorations up so it's not so bare. The first night he slept in it he woke up probably every 1.5 hours and cried until finally I just brought him to bed with us...which made Craig sleep on the couch since Ethan kicks Craig all night lol. I think Ethan doesn't want to share a bed with daddy. Last night he slept much better, only woke once...and he's napping right now! So after this post I am going to attempt to install some child safety locks on the drawers so the contents will actually stay IN them. Ethan already pulled a bunch of pots and pans out of the cupboard at oh 6:45am before I could stop him....I'm sure our downstairs neighbors love us <3

We went to Babies R Us yesterday to get some gates (which we are returning since they don't fit right bah) and they had Halloween stuff already! I love Halloween, not the creepy gory stuff, but the cute and vintage stuff. Ethan was touching all the costumes on the rack until he found a fuzzy monkey costume that he pulled off and carried throughout the store, hugging and cuddling it lol. He wasn't happy when we put it back.

At 12:30 we find out the sex of the baby!

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