Thursday, June 3, 2010

Death of a computer.

My computer is slowly dying.

Piece by piece.

It started a few months ago....first, the sound went out. Then my copy of Windows wouldn't authenticate so I couldn't download Windows updates. Then for some reason I have to allow EVERY program that tries to run when my pc starts and any program I try to start up.

Then I couldn't watch my home videos without a huge error in the way, and viewing my pictures doesn't work sometimes.

Now I cant get internet.

Luckily I have Craig's PC but still....mine's pretty new and still under warranty. So we are going to try reformatting and if that doesn't work, well then it's up to Craig since I don't even know where the computer was bought hah.

Tomorrow is my cousin's high school graduation party...and I'm excited because I'm taking Ethan swimming! I have a feeling I'll be in the pool aaaaallll day. This time I'll remember to put more sunscreen on since I still have a slight burn from the beach on Memorial day weekend.

BUT that also means I have to do one of the most dreaded things a swimsuit. I had a fine tankini that served it's purpose, but now doesn't fit since I haven't lost all of the baby weight from Ethan yet. So I thought I'd go to Motherhood Maternity and check out there maternity suits since I'll be pregnant all summer and we have a pool at our apartment. I hate wearing swimsuits so this is not going to be fun. But I'm doing it for Ethan so he could have a good time so I have to :P

I joined a "One Tiny Sea Creature" swap on Craftster that I should get started on. I wont say to much just in case my partner reads this....but I am loving the idea for this swap since I can make something tiny and cute in a quick amount of time when Ethan sleeps!

Speaking of which, I need to go get some housework done since he's napping!

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