Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome back!

Hello blog, it's been a YEAR!

Geez. My kids are now 3.5 and 21 months, and that's why I haven't posted much, no crafting time :) But now they are getting older and more independent so I'm working on my organizing skills so I can actually have time to crochet. I tend to do a little bit of everything at a time (a little cleaning, a little craft project with the boys etc) and never get to finish of all it feels like a live in disarray. But my husband said he will help out with the housework more, so maybe I can squeeze in some more crafting time, yay! I've got quite a few pattern ideas floating around my head I want to finish, and I've got a billion crochet requests from Ethan.... "Mama will you crochet me a microphone? a light saber? cat? beanie?" etc lol.

I also have been writing, I've completed a picture book written in verse called Laila the Mermaid, and I've sent it out to a few agents, and I've got back 4 rejections so far, but at least I heard something, right? I also have a rough outline of a young adult mermaidish novel.

I DID finally get to update the shop with something! A newborn size bubblegum pink and aqua beanie with a lighsaber applique. I love the colors :)

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